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A Call to Paint!

You know that feeling. You try something new and it sets off a spark and you want to learn as much as you can about it. It’s exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. That’s how I felt when I started experimenting with paint while my right arm was in a cast. (While the cast eventually came off, the damage to my hand, and to my ability to make a full-time livelihood from silversmithing was diminished) It was my first time working with colour, and I was smitten. I scoured the web about it, watched countless hours of YouTube videos, and still I searched for more. In one of those searches I found artist and teacher Nicholas Wilton. What struck me about him was his methodical approach to teaching, particularly his emphasis on the fundamental principles of a creative practice. His premise is that upon gaining a thorough understanding of the fundamentals it allows tremendous freedom in any kind of art-making you pursue.

When I teach silversmithing to beginners I also emphasize the importance of the basics, and the methodical manner each skill learned is a prerequisite for the next. You can’t break the rules until you know what they are, and every artist I know always wants to push the boundaries. 

With greater knowledge comes greater freedom. One’s confidence grows with it, and creativity becomes purposeful rather than scattered and circumstantial. The more I learn the more the thrill of discovery and joy in learning beckons me, and I believe that will take me far. I want to stimulate the part of my brain were art lives. Nicholas Wilton’s Art2Life Creative Visionary Program is the best means by which I can develop my own direction in painting. Plus it will stand me in good stead all my creative endeavours.

The course is a 12-week online program followed by 9 months of continued support in your art practice. Nickolas Wilton has put together a team of artists who all contribute to the program. I have read and heard many testimonials, and I am beyond excited to get started. If you would like to read more about this course you can check out the Art2Life website at

I know in my heart this is the way I need to learn. It fits who I am and who I see myself become. But I need your support to make it happen.

The fee is USD$1997.00 (approximately 2650.00 CDN) plus the cost of supplies.

You can support me in several ways, either by donation, by purchasing my art or jewellery, or by encouraging me to keep at it. Honestly, every little bit helps.

Should you wish to donate you can do so by:

1)       e-transfer to (within Canada)
(Please send me an email with the password)

2)       PayPal using (If you are outside of Canada or wish to use your credit card)

3)       In person

As a small token of my gratitude donors will receive some of my newest greeting cards from the series I am working on as soon as they are finished. Please send me your address. Donors of more than $25.00  will have their names added to a draw for a $250.00 gift certificate towards any painting from my currently completed works or for one of my post-course creations. Draw will be on Monday, Civic Day long weekend, August 5th.

If you wish to purchase my art or jewellery it can be done either by making an appointment to stop by my studio, or by checking out my Instagram or Facebook accounts.

At the moment they are the most current. Please contact me to see if I have what you may be looking for.

If you wish to send me note a of encouragement you can use my email address, send me a message through Facebook Messenger or just stop by when I'm in my studio.

With gratitude,