Bee Series

There was a time when I was fearful of bees but now I am fearful for them. It's not just honey we'd miss if they're gone but the fruit and berries that delight our taste and the flowers that delight our eyes. Our senses and the world would be impoverished without them.

These pieces are my way of celebrating bees, of drawing attention to the beauty both of
their form and of their movement.

My studio is open by appointment.

Textured sterling silver pendant with sterling silver bezel; 20" sterling silver chain - SOLD

Textured brass honeycomb with pierced bee and honeycomb; 24" gold-filled chain

Sterling silver and gold fill 'honeycomb' pendant; 20" gold-filled chain - SOLD

Copper 2-part bee wing with turquoise bead, and rainbow calcite with turquoise beads; total length is 2 1/2"

Sterling silver 2-part bee wing earrings with faceted garnet; bee wings are 1" and total length is 2 1/8" - $116. SOLD

Sterling silver 2-part bee wing, and amber and turquoise beads; total length 2" - $96. SOLD

Sterling single 2-part bee wing and 'honeycomb earrings with faceted amethyst; total length
2 3/4", $96. SOLD

Textured sterling silver honeycomb pendant with pierced bee and honeycomb, set with amber cabochon; 24" sterling silver chain - SOLD